Monday, October 10, 2011

New Vocabulary words

New vocab words were handed out today! Students are expected to create a word-square for each word and complete two of the activities by October 21. Students will also be assessed on the meanings and usage of the words on October 21.

      auspicious- (adj.)   favorable, hopeful, or successful

belligerent- (adj.)  eager to fight or having an aggressive attitude

blindsided- (v.) to surprise unpleasantly

cringe- (v.) to pull back or shrink in fear, pain, or distaste

daunting- (adj.) overwhelming or intimidating

disperse- (v.) to spread out or break up

garish-  (adj.) overly bright or tastelessly showy

reevaluate- (v.)-  to look back, check or study  the significance, importance, or correctness of  something

pandemonium- (n.) a crazy place; a state of chaos, confusion, or disorder

poignant- (adj.) very emotional or moving

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