Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vocab and Science assessments this Thursday

Hello everyone,

We'll have a vocab and science assessment on Thursday.   In the future I will post the vocab words as soon as they are assigned, but for now, here are the words your students will be tested on on Thursday:

accurate…adj…able to give a correct measurement.
approximate…adj…not exact but close to a reasonable answer.
course…n…the path over which something moves.
depart…v…to leave or go away from a place.
despair…v…to lose hope.
destination…n…the place to which something or someone is going.
deteriorate…v…to make or become worse.
gale…n…a very strong wind.
horizon…n…the apparent line in the distance where the sky meets the sea or land.
jubilation…n…a feeling or expression of joy.
navigate…v…to direct the movement of a ship or aircraft.
nostalgia…n…a longing for a certain time in the past.
revive…v…to bring back.
sever…v…to break off.
voyage…n…a long journey by sea or in space.

The science words the students will be assessed on are estuary, glacier, floodplain, island, meander, oxbow lake, peninsula, sediment and slope.

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Mr. B

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All about this week!!!

This week we have been working on power points about landforms. We are researching landforms like Death Valley, The Nile River Delta and the Andes Mountains. We are writing stuff like how it was formed and it effects us.  It is so so SO FUN!!! We had Dare today we learned about who to hang out with. We did a work sheet on having good friends. Who you hang out with determines how you will act. That is important. Spirit week is coming up soon! I cant wait! My favorite day is wacky tacky day! IT IS LOADS OF F-U-N!!! Tune in to the blog for some more info!  


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What we dared to learn in DARE

In DARE yesterday we watched a video titled INSIDE OUT which was a video where prisoners were interviewed about what prison was like. They all had dropped out of school and befriended with the wrong sort of people. Also, they advised everyone else to stay out of prison and stay in school. This proves that crime is not the right way to go.

Post by Parker