Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Post 2011-2012

Hello parents!

Thank you for checking in on my blog! You should be able to subscribe to it allowing you to receive notification when I update it in the future. 

I will make my best effort to post updates from the classroom frequently. I will post assignment updates, topics we are studying in class and requests for help or supplies in the classroom. 

The first request I have is for materials we will use for a hands-on landform project we will be creating on Friday. For this project, we will create dough to make models of landforms. We will need 8 bags of all purpose flour, 8 containers of table salt, 8 pieces of foam board or cardboard and 5-6 large mixing bowls. In addition to those supplies, I would really appreciate volunteers on Friday morning to help with mixing the dough. We will be making the dough from 845 to 945. Please comment on this post to make note of what you are able to send in or whether or not you are able to help.

Thank you for everything and check back here for more very soon!

Mr. B


  1. Hi, We will bring in 4 bags of flour and a big mixing bowl. Sounds like a fun activity! 8>)
    Dawn (Megan's Mom)

  2. Thanks! I've also had 2 bags promised from another parent. Who else can bring supplies or volunteer?