Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update from Brode

 Our class has been working really hard the past few weeks. This past week in science we have been studying Eco Systems.  In math we are starting geometry and we just came out of graphs and mean, median, mode and range. In social studies we have been working on writing our own copies of the Declaration of Independence. Most groups have finished typing them up. We have been taking these benchmark tests. We took the math test Monday and we took the reading test today. It was really boring!!! I am SO glad we have finished it. 

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Brode : ) : O : )

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Current Topics of Study and Vocab for Jan. 31 to Feb 11

In reading, we are learning about different genres of fiction including tall tales, myths and science fiction. We are beginning to discuss plot development and the ways conflict affects the characters in books.

In math, we are finishing up data analysis and will soon move on to geometry.

In science, we have finished weather and will soon move on to studying ecosystems.

In social studies, we are working on writing our own Declarations of Independence.

Here's the list for the current two weeks. We will test on the meaning of these words on Feb. 11. Please help your student study these words at home.

·         Available….adj…easy to get; ready to use
·         Bondage…n…the state of being a slave
·         Donate…v…to give to those in need
·         Establish…v…to set up or begin
·         Evade…v…to keep away from; to avoid being caught
·         Liberate…v…to free
·         Numerous…adj…a large number; very many
·         Occasion…n…a particular time
·         Oppose…v…to be or act against
·         Prohibit…v…to forbid by law or order
·         Pursue…v…to chase
·         Reassure…v…to comfort
·         Reluctant…adj…unwilling; not wanting to do something
·         Superior…adj…a person of higher rank
·         Yearn…v…to want very badly