Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interims, Frindle, etc. Post by Emily

Today, we are getting our interims back today. I am really excited about what my grades will be.  On Friday we won't be going to school because it is a teacher workday. Which is sad because Friday is technology and we have missed it in the past.  But I'm so excited, and  I just can't hide it! Also we have finished the book " Frindle" by Andrew Clements. It is a very good book. I Emily, encourage you parents, to get your child this book. Today our special is art and we are doing this fun Rene Magritte art project. I can't wait till our first clay project, which is clay faces. I can't decide whether i should do a dog or a person(myself).This year is going to be great, I  hope. This year Mr, knott, our principal, wants us to be the best magnet school in the whole united states.

                                  Stayed tuned for posts from my other classmates!

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